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Business Telephone Systems

At Abadata, we understand there isn’t a “one-size-fits-all” solution when it comes to business communications. We offer a variety of VoIP and mobile voice solutions that can either replace or work with your existing systems. We understand the importance of a strong and solid support team to ensure a quality installation and continued satisfaction with your new business technology solution. For the past 34 years, we’ve been building our outstanding reputation by providing top quality support to each customer on a routine basis.

Business Telephone Systems (On-Premise & Cloud) 

Modular solutions that deliver Voice over IP (VoIP), unified communications, video conferencing and collaboration, networking, mobility, and customizable features and applications for maximum productivity.

Telephone System Peripheral Equipment

Abadata provides an array of quality telecommunication equipment to suit your business needs.

Customer Service

We’ve earned a reputation of providing exceptional service for our customers.
System Installation – We coordinate your unique installation through a process that ensures a smooth transition.


We provide complete and professional training on all of our equipment for your entire organization.


Modular Solutions that DeliverVoice over IPUnified CommunicationsVideo Conferencing & CollaborationNetworkingMobilityand customizable features and applications for maximum productivity


Hosted VoIP Solutions

Hosted VoIP Solutions
Our Hosted PBX solutions deliver powerful features, flexibility, scalability, and automation, with significant cost savings. Work from anywhere and provide improved productivity for mobile employees with the scalability you need. Easily add stations or provide services to geographically dispersed locations. All the high-end features you need without the high-end price. Never miss a call or opportunity. Disaster recovery options ensure you are always up and running. Predictable monthly communication expenses. Minimal up-front capital investments. No more technology obsolescence. A simplified infrastructure and much more. Installed in secure data centers, with end-to-end solutions, giving you all the benefits with the highest reliability.


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